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Historic Racing South Africa

Marlboro Crane Hire

Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA)

Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA) (formerly The Historic Racing Car Register of South Africa) was formed in 1973 with the aim of preserving and racing old cars from yesteryear.

Many of the original members are still to be found participating in races and supporting the club, leading the Committee to believe that the current Formulae of racing offered by the HRSA, is popular and also attracts a good following of spectators.

The Club offers a number of different categories of racing:

Cars are homologated in terms of FIA guidelines for the Historical Technical Passport.

Current sponsor for the Historic Saloons is Marlboro Crane Hire, a long standing sponsor that has been a sponsor for over 3 years already. New to the fray is Hamptons that sponsor the Historic Endurance Series and Charlies SuperSpar that sponsors the Historic Pursuit Racing Series.

Historic Racing is one of the fastest growing categories of racing in South Africa. Come and join us and indulge yourself in an exciting, enjoyable and affordable form of racing.

The Historic Tour

The Historic Tour headed inland to the popular Phakisa Freeway circuit in Welkom for the seventh round of the 2016 season on Saturday 10 September. The day was run in memory of the late Ian Auret who contributed so much to motorsport himself.

Freddie de Kock (Porsche 911 RSR) and Philip Pantazis (Datsun IMSA 260Z) in tow

Freddie de Kock (Porsche 911 RSR) and Philip Pantazis (Datsun IMSA 260Z) in tow

The first race for the Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-79 Historic Saloons classes A – E and Pre-84 Sports & GT and Classic Thoroughbred category saw some close racing action throughout the field. Pole man Peter Jenkins (Chevron B19) took the lead at the start of the first race with Freddie de Kock (Porsche 911 RSR) and Philip Pantazis (Datsun IMSA 260Z) in tow.

Anton Raaths (Chev Camaro) had a change from his usual racing steed and was up to third a lap later. With the leaders breaking away in front the class E pack was just as close with Jackie Morrison (Ford Escort) fending of Gert Botes (Ford Escort MK 1) and Justin Ladner (Ford Capri). Raaths was on a charge and dived up the inside of de Kock coming off the back sweep on lap four to claim second.

Morrison was unlucky to retire on the same lap when oil pressure problems put paid to his chances. De Kock regained his second place on lap five while Pantazis slowed with overheating brake issues a lap later. Jenkins held on for the Overall victory ahead of de Kock and Raaths. Pantazis held on for fourth position with Fred Konig (Porsche 911 RSR) and George Avvakoumides (Porsche 911 RSR) rounding out the top six. A strong finish from John McLachlan (Datsun 1200GX) saw him take the class E honours ahead of Botes and Johan Prins (Datsun 160U).

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The Historic Tour

The Historic Tour will head to the popular Phakisa Freeway circuit in the sleepy Free State town of Welkom for the seventh round of the 2016 race season on Saturday 10 September. With the tour heading into the last few events of the season a number of front runners lead their respective classes and categories.

Jannie van Rooyen (1976 VW Scirocco)

Jannie van Rooyen (1976 VW Scirocco)

Hubi van Moltke (1976 Mercedes Benz 280E) continues to hold the Overall and class G lead in the Marlboro Crane Hire Pre 79 Saloon Car category. He has managed to edge out a narrow seven point gap over class D leader and second placed man Jannie van Rooyen (1976 VW Scirocco). Class E leader Gert Botes (1967 Ford Escort MK1) jumps up three places and is only eight points behind van Rooyen. Fanie Kloppers (1974 Mercedes Benz 280) drops back one place to fourth but is only mere points behind Botes.

A train of other drivers are well within striking distance as well – Class F leader Quentin Willis (1977 Ford Escort), Alan Poulter (1965 Volvo 1800), Class C leader Anton Raaths (Mazda R100), Paige Lindenburg (Ford Escort), Ralph Cramer (Mercedes Benz 280E), Colin Ellison (Alfa Romeo GTA M) and Mike O Sullivan (BMW 2002) are all within a point or two of each other and all stand a realistic chance of a top six result.

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