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Compliance Day

22 Jan 2017

To kick the year off we will be having our HRSA member registration/compliance day on Sunday 22 January 2017 at Zwartkops Raceway from 08:00 till 13:00.

Registration Day

  • Each club should hold a registration day before the start of the season.
  • This is an opportunity to examine each car and compare its specification to the Competitors’ HTP for the vehicle. If you have not complied your vehicle previously you will be required to bring the vehicle along with the HTP to the track for inspection.
  • At this time the TC ensures that the car complies with the relevant Technical Regulations.
  • If there are no changes to the car – the competitor simply brings the HTP to registration.
  • In the event of a previously complied car, you will be required to complete the competitors declaration and bring that along with your current HTP to the track for signature.
  • If the car complies – the TC signs and dates the last page of the HTP.
  • The TC issues the compliance decal.
  • The competitor is responsible for scanning the HTP and sending it to Allison Atkinson at MSA who records it, issues it with a unique number and stamps it with the MSA seal and returns it to the competitor. If your HTP does not have an MSA stamp or number on, this will be done by Allison op the day.
  • The competitor then keeps the MSA authorised copy with their scrutineering book for examination at race meetings. A copy of this HTP can be uploaded onto the website under your user profile.
  • If the competitor already has an MSA authorised HTP with its unique number and no changes have been made to the car, they submit it to the TC on registration day.
  • If the car is compliant, the TC signs and dates the last page of the HTP.
  • If changes have been made to the car that warrant changes to the HTP – then a new HTP must be completed and the same process followed as for a new HTP.
  • Additional to the declaration and HTP you will be required to complete a drivers conduct document of which the original will be kept on file.

Should the car not comply

  • If the car does not comply – the TC completes a form in the ”Compliance Book” noting the non-compliant aspects.
  • The competitor is given a copy and the TC keeps the book copy.
  • Once the non-compliance aspects have been corrected, the competitor arranges with the TC to inspect the car.
  • Once compliant, the HTP is signed and compliance decal issued.
  • Competitor follows the approved HTP process detailed above.

MSA Licences

  • MSA will be available on the day to assist with obtaining of your MSA Licence
  • All documentation i.e. Membership/ECG document (approved) must be available.
  • Only card payments will be accepted.

Please note that although your car is signed off at the compliance day, it is done with the understanding that the car complies with the technical regulations. Cars will be randomly checked during the year at events and if found to be non-compliant, a certificate will be issued and you will be given time to comply with any irregularities. It is therefore of importance to always have your car up to the technical standard as set out in the National Technical Regulations issued by MSA. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure at all times that the HTP is valid and is an exact copy of the current car being raced.

Should you not be able to attend the compliance day you will be required to arrange with the TC of your category to have the vehicle complied prior to competing in any Historic Tour event. TC’s will not be available at any track on practice days and cars will not be allowed unless their HTP has been completed and signed off by the TC. In order to avoid any unnecessary stress it is of importance to complete the compliance on the given day. If you have any queries or won’t be able to attend the day, please forward me an email and I will endeavour to assist you in setting up another meeting. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that his cars comply at all times.

All documentation can be downloaded from the website.

Numbers will be checked and all members have to make sure that their number appears on the list (online under Race Numbers). Each vehicle to have its own number.

If anyone is interested they will be having a track day. The price for open practice is R550 per driver and R80 per passenger. The track day runs from 8am. Aces Café will be open during the day.


22 Jan 2017
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Zwartkops Raceway
Zwartkops Raceway, R55, Lekkerhoekie 450-Jr
Pretoria, Gauteng 0137 South Africa
012 384 2299