Historic Pursuit Racing

Charlies Superspar Historic Pursuit Racing

is a Club Championship racing category based on a staggered reverse starting grid where the slowest car starts first and the fastest car starts last.

The whole emphasis of Pursuit racing is “catch me if you can”.

consist of two competition classes, namely ‘Fine Cars’ and ‘Trophy Cars’.

The Fine Car class caters for the almost standard road legal/ready classic cars, and the Trophy Car class caters for race prepared cars from the current Historic Saloon and Sports and GT race categories.

Historic Pursuit Racing

Historic Handicap Racing

Pursuit Racing is seen as a good entry point into the Historic Motor Racing scene, as it not only teaches you the basics but also very importantly consistency – ask any racing driver, consistency wins championships.

We have drivers that have been racing in this category for more than 10 years and span a large age group from 80 to 20 years old, we also have a number of lady competitors.

The Pursuit Racing category is the only category where a near standard budget car can compete competitively and fairly against a high powered big budget car. From your 1300 Ford Escort to your 911 Porsche, everyone has a chance of victory, consistency counts.


For more information on the Historic Pursuit Racing please contact the Chairman:

Rob Clark – (082) 920 3097 – pursuit@historicracing.co.za


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Historic Pursuit Racing – Regulations
2018 – Historic Pursuit Racing – Championship Points