Historic Racing - Round 2 - 29 April 2017 - Phakisa Freeway

Historic Racing – Round 2 – 29 April 2017 – Phakisa Freeway

Historic Racing South AfricaRound 2 of the Historic Tour would play off at Phakisa Freeway on Saturday, the 29th of April 2017. Dedicated to a past giant of motorsport, the Ian Auret Memorial Race Day would also see the first round of the popular 2 Hour Hamptons Endurance races.

Sadly, the day before would see a horrific accident claim the life of Sean Allen during the Friday practice sessions for the Lotus Challenge cars. His passing was honoured with a lap around the track by all the Lotus Challenge cars on race day.


Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes ABCDE

Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes ABCDE
Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes ABCDE

As usual and expected Willie Hepburn roared away at the front in the Opel Rekord V8, leaving us all to enjoy the awesome sound the powerful motor makes. Was also good to see a bunch of new guys in the Pre-90 Sports & GT championship. Peter Jenkins made a welcome return in his beautiful Porsche 911 RSR that is finally repaired after his nasty crash a few years back at Killarney. Wynand vd Merwe has finished the weekend on a high note after all the headaches at the previous round at Zwartkops. Another newcomer but old racer Miguel Ribeiro also put in an impressive performance in his Alfa Romeo Gt-Am.

In the Pre-80 Marlboro Crane Hire Historic Saloons classes A-E it was Paige Lindenberg who put in a sterling performance in the big Ford Fairlane whilst Johan Smith was left wanting on old tyres in his Madza Capella. At least he had fun battling amongst the class E guys drifting through many of the corners. Justin Ladner took a convincing victory in class E in his stunning red Ford Capri. Mechanical gremlins got the better of Meredith Willis (Ford Escort Sport) and Neil Lobb (Fiat 131) sending them home scratching their heads. However, we all know they will be back fighting at the next round no matter what.

Overall results for the day:

Class CTA: 1. Willie Hepburn

Class Pre90 A: 1. Peter Jenkins

Class Pre90 B: 1. Ricard Schuhardt

Class Pre90 C: 1. Fred Konig, 2. Wynand vd Merwe and 3. Miguel Ribeiro

Class Pre90 E: 1. Fritz Kleynhans

Class Pre80 D: 1. Paige Lindenberg and 2. Johann Smith

Class Pre80 E: 1. Justin Ladner 2. Marius Verwey and 3. John McLachlan

Charlies SuperSpar Historic Pursuit Racing

Charlies SuperSpar Historic Pursuit Racing
Charlies SuperSpar Historic Pursuit Racing

There is just no stopping these Pursuit guys descending on a track over a weekend and go all out at having the most fun! Phakisa turned out to be a great new experience for a few that have never raced there before. Some of the guys found out very quickly to consistently hit a nominated laptime is far more difficult than one would expect. Especially when you get caught up in a race amongst a few other guys. This proper built grand prix circuit left a few scratching their heads after breaking out.

Man of the moment was Trophy Car racer Willem Vonk (Ford Escourt Mk II) taking the wins in both races. Also impressing with another consistent performance was Johan Swanepoel (1971 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe). A mixed bag of results saw season newcomer Wynand du Plessis Jnr (1966 MG B) finish in fourth in race 1 behind his father Wynand du Plessis Snr (1990 Porsche 944 S2) and a well placed second in the second race.

Fine Car veteran Nick van Wyk (1976 Mercedes Benz 350SE) saw his chances of a good result fly out the Merc’s window so to speak with a breakout in Race 1. In Race 2 he made up for it to finish in an honourable fourth place. Neil Fowlis (1974 Datsun 160 U SSS) beat Rob van Aarle (1969 Ford Escort 1300 Super) to the line for fifth place, the very position Rob would finish in in the second race of the day.

Overall results for the day:

  1. Willem Vonk (T), 2. Johan Swanepoel (T) and 3. Wynand du Plessis (T)

Over all Classification – Fine Cars (F):

  1. Rob van Aarle, 2. Neil Fowlis and 3. Michael Thomson

Over all Classification – Trophy Cars (T):

  1. Willem Vonk, 2. Johan Swanepoel and 3. Wynand du Plessis

Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes FGH

Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes FGH
Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-1980 Historic Saloons classes FGH

Thrilling and entertaining might not accurately describe the races for the FGH classes, as it is so much more than just that! These highly competitive classes had some of us gasping for breath as positions changed turn by turn and lap by lap between the front runners. In the first race the action packed entertainment in class F was provided by Deon van Vuuren (Ford Escort Mk1), Dewald Nel (Datsun 1600J), Mike O’Sullivan (BMW 2002) and Quentin Willis (Ford Escort). Unfortunately Willis bowed out of the challenge with mechanical issue after lap 6. That left the other three in an all-out scrap for the win with van Vuuren taking the win in the end. Race 2 was a repeat of the first but this time round O’Sullivan took a glorious win.

Class G saw Marco Verwey (Datsun 1200 GX) get the better of Jan Jacobs (Alfa Romeo GT Junior) and Harry Lombard in his iconic light blue VW Beetle. In the second race Verwey got challenged by Wynand du Plessis Jnr (MG B) and Ralph Cramer (Mercedes-Benz 280). His consistency persevered and he took his second class win for the day.

The Classic Thorougbreds class also ensured some iconic cars on the grid that mixed things up with the usual saloon car classes. Dewald Nel being one of those fighting out front for the over win of the race but secured him the Classic Thorougbred class F win in both races. Kyle Murray (Nissan Exa) finished second in both races after a scary moment and an off through turn 3 in the first race. A consistent performance saw Colin Green (Mazda 323) take third in both races.

Overall results for the day:

Class F: 1. Deon van Vuuren, 2. Mike O’Sullivan and 3. Willem Vorster

Class G: 1. Marco Verwey, 2. Harry Lombard  and 3. Fanie Kloppers

Class H: Steven Neofitou

Class CTF: 1. Dewald Nel, 2. Kyle Murray and 3. Colin Green

Hamptons Historic Endurance Series

Hamptons Historic Endurance Series
Hamptons Historic Endurance Series

The first round of the endurance races could not have played off at a better track. Especially considering Colin Ellison making a welcome return in that magnificent Chevron B19 donned in the Dave Charlton colours as it was raced back in the 70’s as part of the Springbok Series at Welkom. Mechanical issues hampered him at previous events, but this time round his only disadvantage would be the time it takes to refuel the car. However, some gremlins also did keep him from putting in a qualifying lap and saw him starting from the back of the grid! That however did not put him off as he scythed his way through the grid to take the lead in two laps. He continued and built a healthy lead at the front when he had to make his stop for fuel.

During the time it took him to refuel, second placed man, Peter Jenkins in his Porsche 911 RSR would pass him whilst he was sitting in the pits. However, putting in the one consistent blistering lap after the other he would pass Jenkins again to take the chequered flag and win the overall race and class A of the Pre-90 cars. Jenkins finished in a respectable second a lap down. Fritz Kleynhans, also in a Porsche 911, would take third overall and the class E win for Pre-90 cars.

In the Lotus cars category it would be Jacques & Raymond Loumeau taking a hard fought win over Byron Oliver and Chris Hooman finishing in third. Index of Performance went to Mr. Consistency himself, Jan Jacobs in the Alfa Romeo GT Junior.

Overall results for the day:

Historic Cars:

  1. Colin Ellison (Pre90 A)
  2. Peter Jenkins (Pre90 A)
  3. Fritz Kleynhans (Pre90 E)

Lotus Cars:

  1. Jacques & Raymond Loumeau (Lotus X)
  2. Byron Oliver (Lotus B)
  3. Chris Hooman (Lotus B)

Index of Performance:

  1. Jan Jacobs
  2. Djurk Venter
  3. Hubi von Moltke

The next round of the Historic Tour is set to take place at Red Star Raceway outside Delmas in Mpumalanga on the 3rd of June.