Press release HRSA Universal Pre 80 saloons

Press release.

Universal Healthcare Pre 80 Saloons to thrill at Phakisa.

Round 2 of the Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA)  Universal Healthcare Pre 80 Saloons is heading to Phakisa Freeway on Saturday 27 April 2019 for the Freedom Day races.

Expect the giant killing Ford Escorts of Alan Green and Frank Davis to be leading the big bangers of Colin Ellison (Ford Thunderbolt) and Mike O’Sullivan (Chevy SS) and Mario Rossi (Alfa Romeo GTV6) in class D, as they go bumper to bumper for line honours.

Not to be outdone the Class E protagonists Andre Ten-Appel (VW Scirroco) and Rene van Rensburg (Ford Escort) and Terence Ladner (Ford Capri 3000) will be giving it their all. Class F should be a closely contested affair with Jan Jacobs (Alfa Romeo GT Junior) expected to lead the way. Hot on his heels challenging for honours will be Sean Hepburn (Datsun 1200 GX), Willem Vonk (Ford Escort Mk2) and the returning Jose Vasques (Mercedes Benz 280 CE). Class G sees the debut of Johan Swanepoel’s Fiat 124 Sport BC, going head to head with Fanie Kloppers (Mercedes Benz 280) in what promises to be a ding dong battle of handling versus horsepower.

In the Pre 90 Sports and GT category Peter Bailey (Porsche 911) and Richardt Schuhardt (Porsche) and Stefan Snyders (Porsche 911 RSR) will be battling for Porsche honours, whilst Sophos Pantazis in his rapid Datsun 240Z is sure to be a thorn in side of the Porsche brigade.

Issued by Rob Clark         Date: 16 April 2019.         On behalf of: Historic Racing South Africa.