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Photographs of the Historic Racing South Africa races at various tracks around South Africa.

Red Star Raceway - 2017-10-28
Zwartkops Raceway - 2017-09-16
Dezzi Raceway - 2017-08-05
Red Star - 2017-06-03
Phakisa - 2017-04-29
Zwartkops - 2017-03-04
Passion for Speed - 2017
HRSA Documentation Day - 2017-01-22
HRSA Year End Prize Giving - 2016
Red Star - 2016-11-19
Zwartkops - 2016-10-08
Phakisa - 2016-09-10
Red Star - 2016-08-06
Dezzi - 2016-06-04
Zwartkops - 2016-04-09
Passion for Speed - 2016-01-30

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Photographs in these galleries courtesy of:
RacePics - Captured in a split second, forever.

Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA)

Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA) (formerly The Historic Racing Car Register of South Africa) was formed in 1973 with the aim of preserving and racing old cars from yesteryear.

Many of the original members are still to be found participating in races and supporting the club, leading the Committee to believe that the current Formulae of racing offered by the HRSA, is popular and also attracts a good following of spectators.

The Club offers a number of different categories of racing:

Cars are homologated in terms of FIA guidelines for the Historical Technical Passport.

Current sponsor for the Historic Saloons is Marlboro Crane Hire, a long standing sponsor that has been a sponsor for over 3 years already. New to the fray is Hamptons that sponsor the Historic Endurance Series and Charlies SuperSpar that sponsors the Historic Pursuit Racing Series.

Historic Racing is one of the fastest growing categories of racing in South Africa. Come and join us and indulge yourself in an exciting, enjoyable and affordable form of racing.