You Can Make A Difference

You Can Make A Difference

We as motorsport fans and competitors would like to make a difference and make some improvements to the Midvaal Raceway facility. Midvaal has a long history of having Great Spirit and Character when it comes to Northern Regions Motorsport and always has an open-door policy to each and every competitor and spectator.

We, as petrol heads, have an excellent opportunity to show our support to the facility. We are embarking on a campaign to assist with some maintenance and upgrades to the facility, starting with the entrance, clubhouse and ablution facilities. Hopefully, we can later extend our work to other areas of the venue. But, most importantly, we need your support if we are going to make this a success.

Our first workday will be on Saturday, 23/24 June 2018 when, whoever is willing to assist, will be getting together and doing what we can.

The track will be open for practice on these days, and instead of paying to practice, we are asking you to rather bring hardware supplies to gain access to the track.

Here is a list of some of the basics we are looking for:

  • White weather guard paint or high quality
  • White enamel paint
  • Brushes, rollers and pans for PVA and enamel, scrapers, wire brushes, rag`s
  • Thinners, turps
  • Cement, ready-mix, tar mix
  • Drop sheets, rakes, spades, heavy duty brooms
  • Potting soil, plants
  • Plumbing supplies will be purchased from the donations to revamp the bathrooms, and we have one plumber volunteered already
  • Workers (to paint etc.)

And yes, some charcoal, braai meat, beers and cold drinks for the workers, as we will have a braai for lunch to keep everybody fuelled.

Please also bring a photo of you or your race car as we will be doing a wall of recognition inside the clubhouse to say thanks for all those that can assist. RacePics will print those photographs for free if you pass them an image number off our website.

If anybody is in the building trade and can offer any type of assistance or staff at any time, please contact us, and we will administer any help we receive.

In order for us to ensure that everyone does not only bring for instance sandpaper, we created a list of who pledges what exactly and will be able to tell you if we have enough of a particular item and/or need help in another department. This list is available on our website at this link:

Please contact us at or call either James (082 409 2493) or Paul (082 900 6443).